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New Trends in School Website Design


With onset of every new year, new trends in website design are launched. Another year i.e 2013 is going away from our lives and with that tremendous innovations reinvigorate every moment. With every new year, we start thinking of new technology predictions. In the world of Internet and technology, these innovations are quite at faster pace. So, with these uprising technology predictions for the world that revolves around Designing – Website Design.

Check out some new trends in school website design.

 1. Social Media Buttons


 Social Media Buttons reflects a good impression on visitors. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn impress visitors at a very first glance.

2. QR Codes


 Now-a-days, QR codes has become popular due to its fast readability. It is a machine- readable code that is, trademark for a two-dimensional bar-code, attached to an item and that records an information related to that item.

3. Pop-out Details on Hover with CSS


It is really an amazing feature of css that display details of a content item on hover.

4. Flash-less Design


Flash is not happening anymore. It’s not SEO friendly as well as much rigid than the newest CSS, JavaScript and HTML 5. Moreover, flash designs do not go well with mobile platforms. Hence 2013 is likely to bid adieu to the flash technology very soon.

5. Large Photography


 With new trends in school website design, Designers are replacing flashy banner ads with large photographs. No doubt it looks amazing and gives creative look.

6. Transparent Design


The latest CSS3 features allow editing the opacity of different webpage elements. That means now you don’t need to perform those complicated Photoshop editing

7. Responsive Design


In the era of Internet and technology, the complete web world is standing on the threshold where every different platform is getting merged up together. So, for designers, the ultimate aim is to create website designs or layouts which are easily adaptable across different platforms.