Designing, the Art With Aesthetic Sense – Best Website Designs

“Designing is the art that one possess with aesthetic sense”.It is the art in which both human tactics are involved.One is Creativity skills and another is Technical skills.With Creativity skills,new ideas are generated and with technical skills those ideas are implemented.This is the perfect combination for Web Designing. Web Designing encompasses many different skills and disciplines in maintenance of designing.

Don’t you think that today is an era of Internet? Everybody is indulged in the race of creating new web designs all over the world.A new and attractive design made the designers to come up first in the race.Everyday they have to think some creative,new,unique,enchanting ideas to create web designs.But the problem is that “creativity is the limit”. To create new and unique designs,here are some useful tips that you can use while designing.

Tips For Effective Designing

1.Scope of the website- It is very important to have specific target prior to initiate web designing. It is necessary to check scope of the website and be sure that content of the web pages were placed accordingly. It is advised to not design heavy sites with several links if it is used for personal purposes or representing a small business. Most on-line sites are designed with the aim to be user friendly and easy to surf.

2.Color your Worlduse soothing colors in your website

3.Great fonts speak volumescarefully choose fonts that reflect your brand’s personality, your site will look more believable.

4.Stock up on images to tell your story

5.Format your words for attractive,readable pagesDon’t just spray a bunch of words on your page and leave them lying there.

6.Use Knowledgeable content.

7.First page and home page fit into 800 x 600 pixel space.


  • Buttons must be not big and dorky
  • Every graphic has an alt label
  • Every graphic link has a matching text link
  • Graphics and backgrounds use browser-safe colors
  • Animated graphics turn off by themselves.

Some key Features of web design are:

1.W3C Validated XHTML website development.

2.Full CSS managed Div based website development.

3.faster loading.

4.Cross browser compatibility.

5.Resolution compatibility.

6.Full time On-line assistance.

7.Use Cascading Style Sheet(CSS).

8.It should be well designed.

9.It should be easy so that people can read properly.

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